0h 50m
Director: David E. Ruiz
Cast: Kella Smith, Pia Thrasher, Andrew Ian, Aaron Groben, Natalie Heukelem, Amanda Thomas, Mark Pagayon
Trapped in a “Christian” home where each family member is more religious than Christian, Sinderella must endure the hardships and abuse given by her stepmother Gretchen and two stepsisters Hildagard and Henrietta; three ladies whose self-righteous, pompous and conniving schemes are keeping Sinderella from knowing the truth. When a local Pastor invites the family to an epic evangelistic Christian event, Sinderella finally sees this opportunity to go to church and discover the truth about God’s love. Things don’t go the way that Sinderella had hoped for when Gretchen unfairly orders her to stay home and do chores on the evening of the event while Gretchen, Hildagard and Henrietta attend the service with ulterior motives. It appears that all hope is lost, until Sinderella gets an unexpected visit from Wilbur, a sarcastic, showboating, yet compassionate guardian angel with a dent in his right wing. After gaining Sinderella’s trust, Wilbur assures her that he has the evening’s events all orchestrated out. With the help of Prince Daniel the young Christian man she met at the market a day earlier, Sinderella ultimately learns what it means to be a true Christian.

UltraStar Cinemas Mission Valley - Hazard Center

7510 Hazard Center Drive #100
San Diego, CA 92108

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